Summer Camp 2020

We are excited to be bringing Virtual and Partner Site camps to everyone this summer. As we all know things are changing quickly and we are adapting as quickly as possible.

Camp locations at the Village of Wellington Rec.

Please note locations and topics are subject to change.

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Virtual Camp Descriptions

Brain, mind, think, idea

Operation Shipwrecked Science

Kids will be given a design challenge using only a limited amount of materials. They will create a message in a bottle, build a boat and a shelter learning all about the science & engineering behind survival along the way. They will use the sun and stars to both cook & navigate and discover critical thinking skills.

hand holding Magnifying glass looking at a fingerprint

Spy Academy

Become a detective using skills like observation, evidence collection and more during this fun interactive virtual camp. We will explore evidence types like fibers, soil an finger prints. We will check out our skills of observation with interactive games, explore the differences in ink and create a room schematic.

Solar System, planets, space, universe, milky way

Space Adventures

Explore from our planet to the stars and moons from the safety of your home. We will explore our solar system, stars and galaxies, space travel designing and building our own model rocket. Then we will discuss life in space and the tools we need to conquer the challenges.

Eco System, trees, sun, rain

Backyard Science

Science is everywhere - including your backyard. During this camp we will explore the animals and plants that call your backyard home. We will make a bug home, study plants vascular systems and more. Then we will learn how to keep our environment clean talking about recycling (even recycling paper) and using natural dyes to paint.

Bridge with child's hand

Builders & Inventors

Most inventors, innovators and builders - just need one thing - inspiration. That is what kids will get with this camp as we explore the world of flight, construction and simple machines. We will build bridges, design a Rube Goldberg machine and make the best paper flyers.

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Can I sign my child up for more than one camp?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it. Each program is completely different, so your child can enjoy them all without repeating activities!


Who are the Mad Science camp instructors?

Mad Science instructors tend to be college students pursing an education or science degree, former/retired teachers, or teachers on vacation. All of our instructors have experience working with large groups of elementary-aged children and have undergone an extensive background check.


Are your virtual camps, interactive?

Yes they are - the time is spent learning about various topics, while also building and conducting experiments at home. Each class is presented by an instructor and moderator for optimum use of time.


What grade is my child for camp?

The grade for camp will be the rising/entering grade level - i.e. you current kindergartner will be a 1st grader for the summer. Be sure to change your child's grade before registering for the summer.


Is lunch or snacks provided at camp?

Occasional "snack"tivities are part of camp, but not each camp or day. Children should bring snack, lunch, and water each day for camp. If your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions you inform us at registration.


Refund Policy

For all camp registrations (i.e. our online registration system, phone-in, paper), cancellations that are communicated more than 45 days prior to the start of the camp are subject to a refund, minus a $25 service charge. Cancellations that are communicated between 20 and 45 days prior to the start of the camp will be given a refund, minus a $50 service charge. Cancellations that are communicated between 19 and 9 days prior to the start of camp will be given a refund, minus a $100 service charge. No refunds will be given for cancellations inside of 8 days prior to the start of the camp, as we often are under obligation to pay the camp facility a facility-fee at that point in time. At any time prior to the start of a camp, you may transfer your registration to another child with no service charge.

The Camp Experience

Our camps are a great way to help stop the summer slide and have fun at the same time!

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Here's what parents have to say about our camps!

The programs are informative, engaging and instructors are fun/high-energy.

Jeanette O.

West Palm Beach

My children loved the program. They came home every day talking about how much fun they had doing the activities.

Kristina Smith

Wellington, FL

My son attended the Earth, Space & Beyond Mad Science Camp last summer and absolutely loved it! The hours were convenient for our family, and the location was close by for us. We're sending him again to a Mad Science camp this upcoming summer. These are well run camps, in our experience, and I recommend them for people looking for a fun, science-based camp experience.


Silver Spring, MD