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Would you like to enhance your science curriculum? Mad Science offers curriculum-correlated, hands-on preschool and elementary-level workshops for kids that complement concepts taught in class. It's like taking a field trip without ever leaving the classroom!

Our in-house workshops can be done virtually or in-person (pending local restrictions).

Virtual workshops start at only $100 for up to 12 children.

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All About Our In-Class Workshops

Our Workshops are Curriculum Correlated

Mad Science workshops can be adapted to your school curriculum to promote an inquiry-based learning environment. All of our dynamic programs meet and go beyond state requirements.

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Elementary-level Workshops

Our elementary-level in-class interactive workshops are aligned to STEM objectives and are curriculum correlated for each grade level. With professional lesson plans, pre-and-post activity guides, and animated instructors, Mad Science workshops are an ideal way to reinforce core science concepts.

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Elementary-Level Workshop Packages

Preschool Workshops

Our preschool workshops offer hands-on learning experiences for kids ages 3-4. Each one is an age-appropriate exploration of a single science topic, like air, animals, weather, and worms. Kids enjoy engaging demos, perform simple experiments, and discover how science helps us understand our world.

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Preschool Workshop Packages

The Workshop Experience

With professional lesson plans, unique equipment, and animated instructors, Mad Science workshops are an ideal way to reinforce core science concepts!

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Our Workshop Themes

Preschool Workshops

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K-2 Workshops

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3-6 Workshops

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Happy Customers

Here's what teachers have to say about our workshops!

The Mad Scientist visited our Kindergarten Classroom in December. My students were engaged with him the minute he walked in. He was familiar with working with 5-6-year-old and related to them at their level. He kept their interest for about 45 minutes. He spoke to them, showed examples and let them have hands on experiences in small groups. I would definitely recommend that he visit your school.

Phyllis Dennis, Kindergarten Teacher

Jupiter, FL

We went from 68 percent of our students meeting the standard in science to 91 percent meeting the standard (explaining the impact of Mad Science workshops on his students' test scores).


Dallas, TX

My students enjoyed the Matter Matters in school field trip! They were excited and engaged.


Wake Forest, DC


Does everyone always take something home from a workshop?

Yes!, for all preschool workshops every child gets a take home. Most of the time, the item is built during the workshop. In some workshops, the activity requires no assembly and will be given to the children at the end of the workshop. For Elementary workshops the take home is an option and reflects in cost.


How long in advance do I need to book?

We recommend 4-6 weeks before your event date. If you are going to be using our Teacher Resource Guide to complement the workshop, allow a little extra time to go over the pre-events with your class before the actual workshop.


For what ages are Mad Science workshops appropriate?

Our workshops are appropriate for children between ages 3-4 for preschool workshops and ages 5-12 for elementary-level workshops.


Is a deposit due in order to book?

Yes, require a deposit at the time of booking.


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